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prefabkid 15th January 2008 12:25

William and Mark Elsey
I am trying to find details of William b.1890 and Mark Elsey b.1894 after they emigrated to Canada.They were brothers and both born Farleigh,Croydon,Surrey,England, and were sons of Frank Elsey (1849-1922) and Susan Sparks (1856-1938 ).They were living at Dargate,Faversham,Kent prior to emigrating.
They travelled on the SS Carmania (departed Liverpool 14 March 1914 and arrived New York 23 March 1914).On the ships manifest William and Marks last permanent residence was give as Humber Bay,Ontario and Cookstown,Ontario respectively, so presumably they had already travelled to Canada (c.1910) before returning to the UK.
Also on board the Carmania was Flossie and James Rigden and their father Stephen (their mother and the rest of the family were left behind!) from Whitstable,Kent close to where William and Mark lived.I assume the families knew each other,since Mark later married Flossie in Canada and she may have been the reason for their initial return to the UK.
Can anyone help with my search,suggest lines of enquiry or even have access to the 1911 Canadian Census!
Any help would be appreciated.:)

juliejtp 16th January 2008 16:24

Re: William and Mark Elsey

A possible William Elsey in 1911 Canadian census

Province Ontarion
District York Centre
Immirgration year 1907

William Elsey age 22 servant born England
William Banks head age 32
Margaret Banks age 32
Wilfred Banks age 1

No sign of Mark unless his surname has been mistranscribed, only found his marriage.

juliejtp 16th January 2008 16:30

Re: William and Mark Elsey
There is another William Elsey born 1890 Kent, England (Canadian soliders of WW1) so the above may not be him.

prefabkid 17th January 2008 12:46

Re: William and Mark Elsey

Originally Posted by juliejtp (Post 8193)
There is another William Elsey born 1890 Kent, England (Canadian soliders of WW1) so the above may not be him.

Many thanks for your suggestion regarding William Elsey and the possible 'Canadian soldiers of WW1' link,this is an avenue I hadn't considered.
I managed to access his 'particulars of recruit' on is the William I was looking for,little did I realise he was 5' 6 and 3/4" high with blue eyes and fair hair!(he joined the 1st Central Ontario Regiment in 1918 ).
Not only that next-of-kin was given as his wife Ivy Elsey (nee Rigden) sister of Flossie Rigden,wife of his brother Mark.So the Elsey brothers married the Rigden sisters!
This building up a picture of an ancestor is what I find so fascinating about family history.
Thanks again.:)

Tazettemb 14th June 2008 19:46

Re: William and Mark Elsey
here's a couple more details in case you still need them:

Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1857-1924

Name: William Elsey
Birth Place: England
Age: 27
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1890
Father Name: Frank Elsey
Mother Name: Susan Sparks
Spouse Name: Joy Rose Rigden
Spouse's Age: 17
Spouse Estimated Birth Year: abt 1900
Spouse Birth Place: England
Spouse Father Name: Steven Rigden
Spouse Mother Name: Elizabeth J M Ladd Rigden
Marriage Date: 17 Nov 1917
Marriage Place: York
Marriage County: York
Family History Library Microfilm: MS932_440

Ontario, Canada Deaths, 1869-1934

Name: Flossie Lillian Elsey
Death Date: 11 Mar 1929
Death Location: York
Gender: Female
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1893
Birth Location: England

prefabkid 15th June 2008 09:41

Re: William and Mark Elsey
Hi Tazettemb
Many thanks for the information on Mark and William,any information is welcome especially on rellies from distant parts.
These two brothers of my paternal grandfather were just names when I started my research but have found out much about them,would love to know if they have any living descendants (my next aim,among others!).

Tumerez 1st May 2017 03:00

Re: William and Mark Elsey
Hi I am the youngest granddaughter of William And Ivy Rose Elsey. I live near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Would love to hear from some distant relatives from England.

Earl Grey Tea 30th June 2017 05:16

Re: William and Mark Elsey
Hello :D I am a great grand-daughter of Ivy-Rose and William, living in Toronto, Canada. I have been trying to find out about Ivy-Rose's side of the family in England, and Canada. Would love to hear/get to know family. Does anyone have any pictures they could share of Ivy-Rose or her family?

Thought I'd share a little info....Ivy-Rose and William settled in Toronto and had 4 or 5 boys, and 1 girl. William passed away, and Ivy-Rose remarried. At least one of her sons was in WW2, and I am one of his grand daughters. Ivy-Rose passed away at age 86.

Tumerez 3rd July 2017 21:26

Re: William and Mark Elsey
Hi - I am Ivy Rose's granddaughter (Toni Umerez nee Scott) and she passed away while living with us in 1986 at Credit Valley Hospital. She had 5 son's (Albert, Sidney, Ernie - and have to remember the others). She also had one daughter - my mother - Ivy Rose (Dolly) Elsey - married to Charles Scott. She passed away in 1993. She had me (Toni, and Valerie).

William Elsey passed away of pneumonia in 1952 (I think) and Ivy Rose remarried (William Lloyd). Ivy Rose did have at least one son in WW2 and he committed suicide after the war. Most of her other sons became Firemen in the Toronto area. I was closest to Sidney Elsey and unfortunately did not know many of my other uncle's families due to the age differences.

Please let me know your name and who is our father, and I can connect you to other cousins through facebook etc.

I do have some pictures, but need to find and scan them.

Earl Grey Tea 5th July 2017 22:18

Re: William and Mark Elsey
Hi Toni! I'm Chrissy (Oster). Ernie had 4 daughters (Sue, Doreen, Marry, and Nora). I'm Doreen's daughter. I remember you and your sister, aunt Dolly and uncle Charlie, but I must have been about 11 or so, the last time I saw you.

Feel free to connect with me on facebook. Would really enjoy sharing pics and memories some time :)

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