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DaveHam9 12th May 2017 05:23

Qld. Marriage 1874/C0167 Taylor George - Pierce Jane

Gympie Times and Mary River Mining Gazette (Qld.) - Sat 16 May 1874 p.3
TAYLOR - PIERCE.-On the 22nd April, at One-mile, Gympie, by the Rev. L. C. Jamieson, Congregational Minister, George Taylor, to Jane Pierce, both of Gympie.

Qld. Death 1894/C02764 Taylor George - - * born England aged 50 years

That's all I have for George so looking for anything else, thanks.


Marriage 1854/BM3 Jones Richard - McCarthy Jane * BM = a Church Register entry

V1842444 26C/1842 JONES RICHARD - MC CARTHY JANE - CU= CofE St John's Brisbane

Reel 5007
Marriages solemnized in the Parish of St. John in the District of Moreton Bay in the Year 1842
No. 1
Richard Jones of this Parish
Jane McCarthy of this Parish
married in this Parish by Banns with consent of all parties concerned
Thirteenth day of June 1842 By me J. C. S. Handt
Both signed
Witnesses: Kox ? (her x mark) Grayham, Thomas Palmer, both of Brisbane Town

Death Richard Jones ?

Qld. Death 1871/C0642 Jones Jane - John McCartney - Jane - * born Ireland aged 50 years


Bootzy 12th May 2017 07:03

Re: George TAYLOR
Hi Dave,
Bit confused re Jane nee Pierce, found 1 birth with that surname and a fair few under Jones.. then 1 death with mum as Pearce, rest all as Jones.

Birth - 1887 C3983 Thomas Oswin Taylor - George - Jane Pierce - he died 1887 mum as Jane Jones..??

Death - 1891 C1813 George Taylor - George Taylor Jane Pearce.
Birth - Birth - 1891 C5254 George Taylor - George - Jane Jones

DaveHam9 12th May 2017 07:27

Re: George TAYLOR
Thanks Val.

Several marriages for Jane.

1st Marriage 7 Oct 1861/B0173 Roberts William - Jones Jane

Death 1864/B1881 Roberts William Samuel Roberts Alice Haywood

2nd Marriage 8 Feb 1869/C0305 Pierce Albert Augustus Henery - Roberts Jane

Death 1873/C0331 Pierce Albert Augustus Henry William Pierce Harriet Pettman


Bootzy 12th May 2017 07:51

Re: George TAYLOR
Thanks Dave,

she died 6 Jan 1921 Qld as Taylor.

DaveHam9 12th May 2017 08:00

Re: George TAYLOR
Death 1921/C00357 Taylor Jane Richard Jones Jane McCartney

Can't find a notice in Trove

Deceased Details
Register Number 12050
Surname Taylor
Given Names Jane
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Date of Service 17/01/1921
Location Details
Cemetery Gympie Cemetery
Location MPC-9-84

DaveHam9 12th May 2017 08:13

Re: George TAYLOR
Looking for anything more on George Taylor.

Connects to my grandmother's family.

1916/C01284 Blackley George - Taylor Martha Gertrude * 6 May ?

Queensland Figaro (Brisbane, QLD) - Sat 3 Jun 1916 p.13
May 13th.-Miss Martha Taylor, of Chillagoe, to Mr. George Blackley, of Atherton, at St. Mary's Anglican Church.

DaveHam9 12th May 2017 09:13

Re: George TAYLOR
1875/C00843 Taylor George Robert George Jane Jones
1877/C02185 Taylor Eliza Jane George Jane Jones
1879/C02506 Taylor Sampson Richard George Jane Jones
1881/C05208 Taylor William John George Jane Jones
1883/C03050 Taylor Sarah Isabella George Jane Jones
1884/C03299 Taylor Richard Ernest George Jane Jones
1886/C03677 Taylor Georgina Maud George Jane Jones
1887/C03983 Taylor Thomas Oswin George Jane Pierce
1889/C04710 Taylor Albert Morrison George Jane Jones
1891/C05254 Taylor George George Jane Jones

Bootzy 12th May 2017 09:27

Re: George TAYLOR
Death for Richard Jones..

1873 C356 Richard Jones Richard Jones Mary - ** born Wales aged 60 years

DaveHam9 12th May 2017 10:03

Re: George TAYLOR
So far I can't confirm any marriage for the children of George & Jane apart from that of Martha.

Several died young.

1878/C01233 Taylor George Robert George Taylor Jane Jones
1887/C01547 Taylor Thomas Oswin George Taylor Jane Jones
1888/C01652 Taylor Georgina Maud George Taylor Jane Jones
1889/C01996 Taylor Richard Ernest George Taylor Jane Jones
1889/C02158 Taylor Albert Morrison George Taylor Jane Jones
1891/C01813 Taylor George George Taylor Jane Pearce
1926/C04345 Taylor Sampson Richard George Taylor Jane Jones

A marriage notice for Martha but can't see any others so far.

So far I can't find a death for Eliza and Sarah in Qld. to 1986 using a*, b*, etc

DaveHam9 12th May 2017 10:52

Re: George TAYLOR
Age is right and mother's name is not exact

1933 B21741 William Taylor George Sarah Jane - ** born Brisbane, Queensland aged 51 years

Can't find a notice in Trove so don't know if he married.

Only ones left are Eliza and Sarah.

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