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admin 7th November 2006 10:35

Hi and welcome to you all.
There are many members already registered, can new as well as old members give a quick introduction please.

Thanx all,:)

admin 7th November 2006 11:52

Re: Introduction
Well as I posted I may as well start with me:)

My name is Dave, married with 2 children (1 at home 8) and the other living in Yorkshire. We live in Nottingham "Robin Hood Country" (topical!).

I will not mention my age, but you could have a guess, by having a son at 28.

I work (too hard) for a facilities management company working for a number of blue chip companies, all over the UK. Generally I am away 2 or 3 days a week.

In my spare time (What spare time!?) I currently run a number (6x) of web sites (including this one) and also run a reseller hosting company, selling hosting.

My hobbies are obviously Family history / Genealogy, Web building, design, PHP, HTML et all and Computers and PDA's (great to access websites while on the road!).
I generally run out of time, due to work commitments, never mind my website hobbies! (Most weeks I get threatened divorce by my wife:confused:)

All the very best,

pee wee 8th November 2006 01:18

Re: Introduction
:p My Name is Peta & I live in Adelaide Sth Australia. I am married with 3 children. My son 22 yrs doesn't live at home. The next is a daughter 20yrs she has an intellectual disability & she works at a sheltered workshop, which gives her a measure of independence. My other daughter is 15yrs & is in yr 10 at school.

I am a home body at the moment but used to work as a clerk in a major department store. My hobbies beside genealogy are reading, quilting, embroidery and any other crafts.:cool: :2fun:

We are actively involved in basketball on a district level with my youngest playing & my husband coaching a boys team. While I support from the sidelines.:D

I originally come from Kettering, Northamptonshire, having immigrated when I was 2yrs old. So I don't remember anything about England at all.

Well I think that's about all for me. Quite mundane really

Cheers everyone

admin 8th November 2006 20:30

Re: Introduction
Hi Peta,

Great to see you here :)
kettering of all places - I say that as I was there yesterday (and Corby & Northampton).
How did you get your son to leave so early? My eldest at 28 is still here - looking after him to well! In the news it says that sons generally leave between 25 and 27 - so I keep telling him that is!


Quite mundane really
I don't believe it :wink:

Would love to see your comments on the forum - Comments (and poll) on the site post here please
All the best, Dave

pee wee 9th November 2006 12:13

Re: Introduction
Hi Dave,:)

quite the co-incidence you being in Northants at the same time that I mentioned it. I have seen pictures & It looks a lovely place. i would love to visit but don't like my chances.:(
My son couldn't wait to get out really. I think he thought I cramped his style. :p
He was 18 when he left the first time & was out for 6mths before circumstances dictated he had to come home. Losing his job didn't help. Then he got himself sorted again & has been out for nearly 2yrs now. I drag him home once a week for a meal & to catch up & he is actually quite willing to talk about his life etc which is good.
On the other hand my youngest has no plans to ever leave home. She states she has it too good where she is. Not bad for a 15yr old.:D


carolynwinterburn 11th November 2006 10:25

Re: Introduction
Hi, I´m Carolyn and i'm from Norfolk England but now retired and living in Spain. I have been researching our families from 30 years ago when we walked the streets of London looking at records, now of course it is a lot easier.:)
My ancestors all came from Norfolk and I have been lucky to have found descendants of my gt grandfathers brother who emigrated to Canada in the late 1890's, which made it all worthwhile. This must be one of the most satisfying hobbies ever. I have made so many friends and found lots of family that I didn't know existed

admin 12th November 2006 22:20

Re: Introduction
Hi carolyn,

i'm from Norfolk England but now retired and living in Spain
- Hope you are not missing good old "blighty" too much:) Though Spain is a good place to be - especially this time of year!


we walked the streets of London looking at records
Still do a lot of that still! Especially visiting my ancestors places and where they are buried.


This must be one of the most satisfying hobbies ever
I totally agree:cool: And I will also say that it is one of the most frustrating too!


have made so many friends and found lots of family that I didn't know existed
And thats why we are here for - to help each other - and make some great friends:D

All the best Carolyn......

Smee 22nd November 2006 06:38

Re: Introduction

I have only just joined your forum about 10 mins ago, so looking in to what is what, and it seems that Introductions might be the best place to start.

I was born in Staffordshire and emmigrated (by myslef) to New Zealand to marry my Kiwi boyfriend nearly 16yrs ago now, I am still married and we have soem gorgeous children all at school.

I have been a home mum for the past 7 year, though i am heavily involved with voluntary work in the community and at the local school.eek)

I have been doing family research for my husbands family for about 1yr, and what a lot came my way, had a grandfather that had two borthers ended up with 12 siblings.......laugh. I find this a enjoyable hobby until i hit to many brickwalls, just started back into the routine of research due to a few good friends i have meet via different internet site.

Generally get heaps of information i don't need and not enough of what i do need, however it is great passing this info on to others who really need it.

Well thats me............haha.....SMEE:D

pee wee 22nd November 2006 10:42

Re: Introduction
Hi Smee, welcome

Welcome to the forum. Sounds like your life is nice & busy eek) I've done the school & community bit as well, though things have slowed down the last 12mths as the kids move into different things.

Get used to the brick walls. I've got a permanent bruise on my head from hitting mine. :2fun: It feels really good when you get a lead though doesn't it O0

Smee 22nd November 2006 20:34

Re: Introduction
Hi Peta

I sure does make you smile when you breakdown a brickwall......I have had several of them and family have been amazed at what i have found due to all the help i have had from others as well as the bits i have managed to do myself.

:( Only one brickwall again now, not been able to break that for about 12months now, we shall see, i have to go back to basics and start over, just forget what i know and start again.

Heres hoping your having as much fun as i have had in the past.;D


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