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19th August 2012, 06:34

This may or may not be the right one:

Qld birth 1872/C01138 Reeves William George - William - Harriett Lloyd

The Anglican Board of Missions in 1894 sent two men, a carpenter and a stonemason, to assist Gribble at Yarrabah. The stonemason, William Reeves, was a reliable man and an accomplished, self-taught musician, with seven years experience as Superintendent of Wagga Wagga Sunday School.
In January 1906, a team of Yarrabah workers braved the cyclone to tie ropes over his house to protect the bedridden Reeves, but he died three weeks later on 29 January 1906.

Marriage 12 Jun 1903/C0281 Reeves William George - Gribble Ethel Marian

Death 29 Jan 1906/C0458 Reeves William George - John Reeves - Elizabeth -

The date of death is correct but I have no idea how reliable the info is re his parents.



19th August 2012, 09:10
You got a burial for him Dave? Or buried at Yarrabah?

19th August 2012, 09:20
I find it a bit hard to believe he was born in Queensland, worked in Wagga Wagga, NSW and then ended up in North Queensland and both parents on his death reg end up wrong.

So if we assume the parents listed on his death reg are correct can we find a birth that fits? Do we know how old he was when he died? I presume buried at Yarrabah but no proof.

It was a 'forced' marriage so he could have been 30 years older than Ethel who was born in 1879.

Can we trace the one who was born in Queensland in 1872 and find his death?

19th August 2012, 09:26
I would presume the Anglican Board of Mission who sent William to Yarrabah would know his details re parents etc... I'm inclined to believe the death reg but that means ruling out the other one.

19th August 2012, 09:31

1889/C2210 Reeves William - Ryan Ellen

1899/C2499 Reeves William George Joseph - O'Connor Mary Anne Ellen

1961/C2931 Reeves William George Joseph - William George - Harriette Lloyd

19th August 2012, 09:37
So that ruled that 1872 birth out by the looks.

19th August 2012, 09:38
I would say so.

Looking for births in NSW with John & Elizabeth:


Now Cornwall comes to mind. :D

19th August 2012, 10:17
Why Cornwall? :confused:

19th August 2012, 10:31
After William died Ethel went back to NSW and remarried to a Fred WONDUNNA in 1907. Died 1965 Maryborough, Queensland

19th August 2012, 10:34
Yes. Had to travel to Sydney to get married.

The name and the fact lots of Cornish immigrants ended up at Bathurst.

But I'm finding nothing else that helps. No arrival of a John married to an Elizabeth. If he arrived single then there are at least 5 possible.

I think we are stuck.

19th August 2012, 10:35
Nope not stuck... not just yet. Try this one

William Reeves

Born: Nerring, Ballarat and Western Region - Victoria, Australia
Died: Yarrabah

19th August 2012, 10:41
:2fun: Possible. :2fun:

Thanks gibbo.

I'll check that at the library tomorrow instead of my usual Thursday visit to the city.

# 22364/1874 REEVES William George - John Daniel - BENNETT Eliz Ann - Nerring

I can't find anything in TROVE re his time at Wagga.