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23rd July 2011, 16:02
Here are two pictures of the J W Holmes, James William Holmes my Great grandfather born 1878

Can any one identify the uniform? Note the two arm bands and the five point star on right lower sleeve. I cannot make out the epaulette mark or hat badge

I know from the burnt records he was a telegrapher in the territorial support from 1909-1913 on a fixed 4 year term.I assume he rejoined the regulars at the begining of WW1 but cannot trace any other records so presume they were lost.

any suggestions gratefully received


28th July 2011, 13:08
Can you zoom in on the cap badge please, this should give a good idea which regiment her served with?
Plus if you give details of where he lived 1913 might help to and if married who too?

28th July 2011, 21:31
Thanks Ben for showing an interest in this aRmy uniform I am sorry to have ben slow replying but was out all day. I have had several attemps to zoom into his cap badge but they are not sufficient resolution. I have attached the best one. I think there is a crown on the top beyond that its difficult. Tere is a 5 pointed star on his lower right arm

He was married twice firstly to Annie Lee and after she died in the 1920s married Minnie, They lived in Tooting SW London

29th July 2011, 08:15
Might be worth you looking at these cap badges, you might spot one that looks like your one?
It's a shame you can't get a better scan of the cap badge.

30th July 2011, 16:10
Looks like he was a signaler in the Royal Engineers going by the brassard and cap badge.


1st August 2011, 07:00
Hi Ben and Don,

Thank you both for your help. I do apologise fo a slow reply but have been away.

A signaller makes very good sense since he had previously been a telegrapher.

I will go on trying to trace an army record now

Thanks for your assistance